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It can save your time every day by minimizing time to power off your computer
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11 March 2008

Power Off Key 1.0 review

Power Off Key a handy tool that provides a single key for performing the power off operation.
Normally shutting down a computer takes two to three steps. But, it would be wonderful if all the efforts can be done with a single key. This handy application provides the same. This amazing application is designed to shut down you PC by pressing only one 'ScrollLock' key on the keyboard. This unique shutdown process is accompanied with a transparent 'POWER OFF' icon which is, actually, the only part of the interface. Enhanced with a very simple user-interface, this program is free from unnecessary menus and extra settings; you need not make any kind of changes or adjustments because everything is ideal from the beginning. Simplifying your daily routine this application will save around half an hour within a year.
Power Off Key, this safe and handy application is compatible with your Windows 98, XP and Vista.

Publisher's description

Years ago computers were switched off by single press. But now we must do several clicks at different menus to complete such ordinal operation. Every day we spend time to do it, several and more seconds. If average time is 5 seconds everyday, then every year we spend half an hour.
We have designed this utility to save lifetime by pressing only one 'ScrollLock' key on the keyboard to turn off PC. It's a simple as possible, no settings, no menus, no mysterious icons at tray. We are using it. Let's download and try it!

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